Lido di Jesolo


Jesolo's long, long beach is a fireworks display of fun that has sports activities, tournaments and competitions of every kind for folks of every age. And an endless series of refreshment stands, bars and restaurants along the beach provides food and drink to thousands of suntan buffs and people who just can't get enough of the sun and the sea.

There are so many it's hard to chose. You can either practice your favorite sport, or try something new with the aid of expert instructors in swimming, diving, windsurfing, sailboating and water skiing. And you can rent all the equipment you need. There's also sea scooting, paraflying and deep-sea fishing, as well as docking facilities with the latest equipment for those who like to go boating. Practising sports is very pleasant and healthy on the beach, where courses in regular and light exercise are held for people of all ages. You can play beach volley and beach rugby, and there are games and contests for young and old alike.

Parents and children together on holiday. Jesolo makes people forget the duties of everyday life in an atmosphere of joy through the various offers and ideas. A great amusement water park. Funny soft rubber games. Funfair with attractions to suit all tastes. And still more hundreds of shops open late at night. In Jesolo you find everything and far more than everything, but at the same time strictly respectful of peace and privacy.

How to reach Venice...

Just 15 minutes by car or by bus and you are in Punta Sabbioni where the boat to Venice leaves every half an hour.

From Punta Sabbioni you can take the ferries of ACTV line nr. 14 to Venice-S.Marco, with an intermediate stop in Lido di Venezia (Venetian beach resort, with the casino in the summer).

Ferries arrive near San Marco Square, the most important square in Venice. There you can catch the boats to all directions (Canal Grande, S. Giorgio, Giudecca, Piazzale Roma, S. Lucia Railway Station, Rialto, il ghetto, i Frari, Murano etc….)

...and the islands


From Punta Sabbioni and Treporti the motorboats nr. 12 leaves for the islands of Burano, Torcello, Murano and the Fondamente Nuove in Venice (near SS. Giovanni e Paolo).


… and now: "Enjoy yourself!

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